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"Failed to Create Signature File"

02-07-2021 04:02 PM
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I am currently trying to complete a supervised classification for a class on Coursera. I had previously given up on the assignment before, so here I am giving it another try.

I did the following...

  1. Save training sample with ~10 samples for each of the following land types. I believe the pixel count is small enough that it shouldn't be giving the computer problems
  2. Click create signature file. I tried saving in a nested folder, and that didn't work.
  3. I also tried saving it to the desktop and many other folders, because help online said that they had success saving it to folders that do not have a long pathway. No luck with short pathways or long pathways.

Any suggestions?

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Sorry I can't offer a solution. I'm experiencing the same issue now, and I wondered how you resolved it. Thanks.

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