Projected coordinate system confusion

01-12-2021 06:16 AM
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I want to produce a map which shows the points a species was sighted globally on one map. I took the data from GBIF which I have managed to convert to a shapefile (XY file) with the points showing on the map. My issue is that the coordinate system and project (I'm pretty sure) is incorrect as the data shouldn't be where it is. I have no idea which one to pick. 

Also, I want to represent the data on a map but struggling to decide where to source one from.

I imagine these are fairly stupid and straightforward answers but help would be appreciated!

Thanks 🙂 

I'm using ArcMap version 10.7.1 

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What data did you download, what format was that downloaded data in, was there any coordinate info specified in the download page? how did you convert it and to what coordinate system?