New Relationship Class Option Missing in Catalog

09-09-2022 10:19 AM
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I'm currently taking the UC Davis/Coursera ArcGIS certification program and have encountered an issue I can't find mentioned elsewhere. I need to define a relationship between a feature class and a data table, but when right clicking on my database and selecting "new", there is no option for creating a relationship class. 

EDIT: When searching for "relationship classes" and navigating to the relationship class toolbox it appears that I don't have the proper license to execute the selected tool. If anyone knows how to create a relationship between a feature class and a data table some other way, guidance would be appreciated.

I'm running ArcMap 10.6 and so far have not encountered any other issues with missing features. Screenshots below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

What I see:

Screenshot (1).png


What I should see according to the course instructions:

Screenshot 2022-09-09 111835.png

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@KLMORGAN If you have a "basic" license you're out of luck. Can you get a home use license and use that? 

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I should be able to get the student license offered with the course and replace my current version with that.

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Hello KLMorgan,

I have not used the functionality "Relationship Class", but would "join" or "relate" to associate the table to the feature class work? 


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