Need to convert GDB non spatial table to dbf file

11-07-2021 11:07 PM
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Hi All,

I have persnol Geo database (.mdb) which contains feature classes and 15 non spatial tables.

I converted feature classes into shape files.

I need to convert non spatial tables into dBASE files. (.dbf file). For that conversion I used table to dBase tool in ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap).

By using this tool I converted 12 tables. But I can't able to convert remaining 3 tables, it throws errors.

I have checked with other tools like Table To Table and CopyRows also. It also throws same errors.

I can't able to find the solution for this.


I have attached error files below. 




It would be great pleasure if anyone can help me out in this.

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Hi @Shanmugapriya 

Are there any special characters in the the table names that are failing?  %@$ etc

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although you indicate that it is a non-spatial table, the restrictions to dbase still persist as outlined in

Geoprocessing considerations for shapefile output—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

The dbase component of a shapefile has a fieldname size limitation, poor unicode support to name a few.  Review the link to see if your dbase file has any of these characteristics

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