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Moving files due to PC Crash

08-12-2021 09:44 AM
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I'm an IT Helpdesk agent, and I had a PC come in that was in the process of crashing, and was being swapped to a new Range Deputy for use. I quickly grabbed all the data I could find in the local files and the user's profile related to ArcGIS and ArcMaps. I believe I have the files safely stored in the cloud now. 

We fixed the PC after wiping and reimaging it, and I had to reinstall Desktop (it was also expired and we purchased a new license). All the files though are listed as "sr.lock" and are unable to be opened in ArcMap that's installed now. 

ArcMap is still working fine on it's own, but the Range Deputies need the data and the previous maps created on the old PC. Can anyone help me with how to solve this? 

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Are you able to delete the sr.lock files?  I'd make a copy of your copy, then go on a lock file deleting rampage in windows explorer  (or python etc).

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