Looking for tools to correct distorions in Voyager images

11-11-2021 01:48 AM
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I've been working on redoing large sections of the Callisto basemap in a higher resolution. Over half of the Callisto basemap is composed of Voyager images, 82 in total. I've been finding that Voyager images have tons of problems, and are very difficult to work with. I've been working in Isis3 and I've been having a lot of troubles with projections. I've been trying to pin the camera pointing of each image down to the basemap, and once projected they'll generally match the area, but they will be filled with all these weird distortions. I'll see features that are all warped and pushed out of place.  There's really no straight forward way to correct this with match points and projections.  Here are a few visuals of this problem:



So, I've trying all sorts of different commands and software to try and correct this, and so far nothing has helped. In Isis3 I've tried coreg and warp.  Coreg puts down a grid of match points between images, then does automated pattern matching, and warps the image to match the other one.  Warp does the same thing, but the points are hand edited. In certain circumstances these commands have worked magic in the past for similar problems, but for this, they're just not cutting it.  Here's some documentation on these commands.



So, what I'm hoping is that there are some tools in ArcMap that can help with this. I not so familiar with ArcMap, and I've only used it in the past for very specific jobs.  I see that there's a warp tool.  If there are any tutorials out there for tools that could work, any help would be hugely appreciated.  I've been stumped on this for awhile, and it's critical that I get this fixed for the project I'm working on.

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