Labels Suddenly Overlapping Annotations in All MXDs

11-24-2020 05:29 AM
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Hello and good morning!

Historically, I have used map document annotations (not annotation classes, but the types of labels you place while in data view or with the data frame focused in layout view) alongside dynamic feature layer labels, at times specifically to force the feature layer labels to move out of the way. However, in the past several days I have been finding that, in all MXDs I've worked in, suddenly the feature layer labels simply overlap my map document annotations... and I can't seem to figure out why. I've noticed other threads that discuss this as a sort of bug, but the fact that it's suddenly behaving differently across the board makes it feel like there's some setting or something that got changed. Does anyone know of anything that can be done about this?

Thanks in advance!

(ArcMap Desktop 10.7.1, overarchingly using Maplex label engine (though the problem seems to persist regardless of engine))

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Definitely report this to ESRI if you have a reproducable case. I unfortunately have had to report a couple of major bugs in Maplex in the last releases after some big changes in ArcMap 10.3 to the Maplex label engine (addition of new functionality), that only finally got sorted out in 10.6 or so...

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