Labeling issue in Arc Map 10.6.1

07-01-2019 06:10 AM
New Contributor

Hi I am having an issue with ArcMap 10.6.1.

This has not been a problem previously with 10.5.

I have been working on an OSi product comprising of a Map Template (marginalia) and data.

The problem is when the data is added to the template, labels do not display (ie road labels or any other labels).

(Capture 1 is a screenshot showing the map and as can be seen there is no text (labels)).

On further investigation I have found the issue seems to lie with the Motorway labels.

In label manager when Motorway labels are ticked on no text displays. When the Motorway labels are ticked off the road labels for all other road feature classes (Primary and Regional) display as does all general text (Townlands, Antiquities etc.).

(Capture 2 shows the map displaying all text once the Motorway label is switched off in Label Manager).

All the way (road) layers were set up in the same way by another person on the team and they cannot understand why the Motorway layer would be causing problems.

I am using a group layerfile in the mxd.

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