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10-04-2022 08:29 AM
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I'm currently trying to join two sets of data are keep getting an error message when I perform the validation. Would anyone be able to advise me what the issue is please?

I've been through the data I'm trying to link to the other dataset within GIS as I initially thought it didn't like the apostrophe symbol, however, this hasn't changed anything.

There should be 90 matching records and I am asking the system to only keep matching records.

Thanks in advance.


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as the error said, did you try and rename the Date field in the spreadsheet?

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As Dan mentioned, changing the date field in the spreadsheet should fix the validation error for that field.  Try not to use field names that are equal to name of a field type or other reserved words.

Also, even though it may be allowed, I would try not to use spaces in field names.  If need to, add and underscore. For e.g. Business Name vs Business_Name.  Using 10-characters or less for field names is a different topic.


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