Is there a way to join based on contains, or a workaround?

04-17-2020 11:33 AM
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I need to transfer information from a table to a feature layer's table. Only problem is that the join isn't perfect. One table has multiple deeds in the same entry while the other table has each instance of the deed as separate entries. Here are pictures if what I'm saying doesn't make sense:

(I need to transfer the data from the second picture's table to the first's, so I need to somehow breakdown the deeds into separate entries.)

These are the only two fields that are remotely similar in each table. I know I can manually enter the data, but there's thousands of entries. Is there a way to join these two tables based on a contains requirement or another suitable workaround? Help 

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As long as the second table doesn't have repeats of a deed in more than one entry it will be pretty easy with an update cursor. I'd probably just add a new column on the first table which the cursor would then add the matching oid of the second table to base the join on.

I can write the script up if this is what you need?

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