Is Arcmap Still supported on PC? It won't load

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Good morning, I had spent three hours attempting to install reinstall the software with no luck of being able to get into it. On the plus side, I am half way to getting a degree in computer science as a result:)

I am using Window 10 with the latest update along with Arc GIS Desktop 10.7.1 I have installed the .net packages. When I go to open the software, the pop up comes ask mentioning it is checking the license, then it goes to map document and dies from there and never opens... I have uninstalled, and reinstalled. Arc Administrator says the license is valid until next year. I have gone to uninstall and repair. I have also ran as administrator. 

Are there any computer geniuses that know how to open the software for use?

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By reinstall... do you mean on a different computer?


How To: Transfer an ArcGIS Desktop license to a different machine (

You may have to contact the administrator of your licenses at your school (first contact would be your course or program supervisor)


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When ArcMap crashes like that there may be issues.

One thing to try is Resetting your ArcGIS application profile 

Also see Fixing ArcMap crashes  

If that doesn't work I would request technical support from Esri (or through your local channels if you don't have right-to-call). They can usually get you going pretty quickly.