How to improve Improve ArcMap performance while working with large datasets?

04-23-2020 01:40 AM
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Hello! I'm working for NMA (National Mapping Aggency) and our main task it to create and update topographical maps at various scales. We just started to make new scale 1:100K maps and encountered massive hit with Arcmap map display and renderring and daily operations speed. It's like painful to even watch at the screen trying to draw all the layers. Without using Feature Cache it is impossible to even snap features to each other.
To be honest - our previous projects (1:10K, 1:50K) was not displaying at flying speeds, but now our employees are getting really fustrated.
Data we are using are auotmatically generalized from 1:50K and stored in SQL Server Enterprise Geodatabase, from where all the editing is done. Can't make local FGDB copies, because we need them to be multi-editor. So, the biggest difference from previous projects is that this data set covers more ground - 40 x 60 km, in comparison to 20x30 km in 1:50K project. I understand that this is the cause for drop in display time, but there really isn't any options for splitting any of those datasets, because our cartographers need to see the "whole picture". To be sure - only basemaps we are using are our previous edition TIFFs, stored localy.
I allready gone trough these articles:
Tried most of the steps provided by those articles, except some that could not be implemented (for example, redirecting TEMP folders, which simply was not recommended by or IT). As a result we saved couple of seconds at each zoom/pan of view, that doesn't really change anything if you have to wait for 25 seconds instead of 30 before (just an example. hard to meassure accurate time with diverse data)
On average, we have:
+ Arcmap 10.3. (Yes, I know you will suggest to upgrade. The thing is that there is a lot of specific scripts, tools, that simply doesn't work for us with other versions, but we are planning to upgrade later this year)
+ Windows 7/10 64-bit (Yes, both. For now, some employees have 7, some 10)
+ Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20 GHz (4 Cores), 16GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4600

So, i was wondering if there is any tips or tricks for working with large datasets covering a lot of ground. I'm trying to teach everyone about importance of Feature Cache, and turning unnecessary layers off, doing other obvious things to boost performance. I bet others have or have had this problem. What is your solution, advise? Some tips or tricks to improve ArcMap performance?

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