How to export schema for specific feature dataset from arcmap in geodatabase

06-24-2023 10:25 PM
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Hello ,

I would like to export specific feature dataset schema  from arcmap that connecting with database ArcCatalog  into geodatabase.

i tried to click on export the data then I got the window includes extract from name of database connection but I would like to specify only one feature dataset ,to export the schema from it .

When I leave the path beside extract from database name ,I found it extract the whole schema for all data inside ,I do not want it .i need only one feature dataset other not . 

second try I have used feature class to geodatabase tool , i was not able to export schema but after choosing the input features and output path .i got error number 999999 .

what does it mean this error ?how to fix it ?

Output target :File geodatabase schema for specific feature dataset 

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i would like to export it into File geodatabase not as xml document .

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One quick easy method:

Use ArcCatalog, create new empty FGDB (or have existing FGDB to use).

Load the feature class into ArcMap, select one feature.

Right click on the feature class in the TOC,  Data, Export Data. Set Export: to "Selected Features", navigate to the FGDB and give it a name, select OK.  When prompted to add layer to display, select Yes.

Edit the new feature class and delete the one feature that exported with it.

You now have a FGDB copy of the schema for the dataset.

OR, as @DanPatterson suggested, export schema only to xml workspace Document, then Import that xml workspace document into the desired FGDB.


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