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Help with getting photos from a FGDB

07-08-2022 05:50 AM
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Ok- I feel like I am losing my mind here and hope that I am missing something fairly easy. In the past I have been able to pull all the photos from a FGDB that were taken in Survey123 or Collector and name them through a series of steps in ArcMap. Each point or polygon the photos are attached to usually have more than one photo. So an attachment table will look like this . So site 10 has to photos, site 11 has two photos etc...

BUT, what did I do to get the photo names like this in the Filenames column*?*

This is from the feature service table and the file names, granted without the preceding number- which is ok if need be, are in the row with their correlating site. So both photo names associated with site 10 are in row 10's 'filenames' column. I hope this is making sense? basically I need all the Attachment Names associated with a site in the same cell (or same row) as the site. One row per site. Not multiple rows like the attachment table.

To answer any potential questions, I am taking the photos and completing a mail merge through excel/word. It's a whole rigmarole - a bit of a nightmare you probably can imagine.

Anyway, I can provide more info if that helps, I just am stumped. My skillset is pretty limited so I could not have done anything too fancy to get this result.  Did I do it in excel somehow and import it back into GIS? I don't think that's what I did.  Any help would be great! Thanks!

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