Help for exporting zoomed area with script

12-02-2020 04:22 PM
New Contributor


I made a tool that zooms on an area on the map based on some conditions with model builder. Basically there are some tools which result in an output and the last output is connected to a zoom script. It works fine. My problem is that I have to make it possible to export the zoomed area as a PDF. I have no knowledge with python (I was lucky enough to find some scripts that worked perfectly with what I wanted to do at least), I almost only used Model Builder and I'd like to know if someone could help me with this? Basically I have to integrate the script in my model and make it boolean so the user can select to export or not the zoomed area on the map. 

I found a script that exports the view to PDF, but it dont focus on zoomed area. Is it possible to do a script that would ''tell'' to export only zoomed area resulting from my model? It bugs me because my model ends with the zooming script, o I dont know how I could do this...


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