Fire station routing priority

01-31-2023 08:16 AM
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Hello! I am hoping to get some feedback/tips for how to go about fire station routing priority. A new fire station is being built in my county (bringing the total to 7) and I need to reconfigure the response priority but not completely sure the best way to go about it. Ultimately, the goal is to give each address in the county a 7-digit configuration showing which station is closest and which is farthest with all others in between. 


Ideally, the end product would be a map of polygons with each one representing a different 7-digit configuration (as there are 7 fire stations). For example, polygon A would be spatially located with an ID# of 6347512 where addresses within that polygon would be served first by fire station #6 and last by station #2 based on drive time. I have attached a map similar to what I aim to produce. I am not sure if I explained this well or if anyone has done something similar but would greatly appreciate some feedback! 

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