Finding a Foster Parent for an Orphaned Child Checked out Replica

05-24-2018 02:33 PM
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We use a third party software that requires checked out replication for getting our GIS data back and fourth from a camera truck to the office. 

My problem is that while data was checked out, a compress happened on SDE and the parent replication was lost (unregistered).

I now have data in the orphaned child replication that I have to get back into our SDE, but can't since there's no parent.

Trying to recreate the parent using Schema only does not work as it creates duplicate fields with _1, which is not what we want.

Any help would be appreciated, as there's a quite a bit of data that I absolutely do not want to have to manually input into SDE.

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If the Replica has been Unregistered, then there is no other way to establish back the link. You will have to manually check and load the data in the SDE gdb.

But the questions is, how did the Replica get Unregistered? Compress doesn't Unregister replicas...

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