Feature Class item Doesn't have a definition

02-20-2024 10:23 AM
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I created a new/updated feature class within a File GDB in ArcGIS Pro 3.2 and this same FC us needing to be used in ArcMap/ArcReader. Yes, I understand ArcMap and ArcReader is considered "Obsolete" compared to what is currently being used. 

When I open the FC in ArcMap to update a PMF for ArcReader, I get "Error Opening Feature class, the item doesn't have a definition" 

Wanting to know what kind of work-around I can create to still utilize the data in the ArcGIS Pro FC to update a FC being used in ArcMap/ArcReader.

Appreciate your help.

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Does your FC contain domains and subtypes? If not I think you can export it to shapefile first. Shapefile is the convention file that can be used in every GIS software. 

This will be different if the FC contains domains and subtypes, I believe you need to create a custom Python script and then apply the number based on the description of domains and subtypes. It's still doable but needs some job to do. It happens some in my client, so I usually create this custom Python script :).

Hope it helps you

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