Export selected Archive data when Time Slider is enabled

09-23-2021 12:02 AM
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Hello everyone,

RDBMS: Oracle
ArcMAP: 10.8

I have archiving enabled on Enterprise GDB feature class and can see historical data using time slider. I would like to export history data showing on map for a particular date on time slider. Although the data updated date is different, but the time slider displays the cumulative records. I want to export those changes visible on map.

I tried to select features from map, but in TOC, it shows extra records selected because Time Slider is hiding all other records. I tried export data for selected features and that exports all features and not based on what is shown on Time Slider.

Another thing I noticed on Attribute table is that selected records count is same as of current map (data visible from Time Slider). This is what I want to export so I tried to export from Attribute table option thinking that later I can link it with Archive data but ARCHIVE OBJECTID is not preserved.

Appreciate if anyone can help me to extract data based on time slider.


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I didn't find a direct solution, but I did find a workaround to get the selected map data. 

1. Select features when time slider enabled for a particular date

2. Run tool "Table to Excel".. This tool when creating excel file will preserves GDB_ARCHIVE_OID which is unique for each record.

3. Join created excel data with Archive layer using OID field.


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