Error when updating georeferencing

09-29-2021 02:03 PM
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We recently upgraded to ArcMap 10.7.1, and have since been having issues with georeferenced image files.  The problem occurs when georeferencing new image files, as well as when adding old image files.  After moving the image in ArcMap and updating, the following error message is displayed:

"The georeferencing  information can't be saved to the dataset and will be lost once you close the ArcGIS session.  If you want to persist this update, you should save a map document (.MXD) or save a layer (.lyr) file."

After hitting OK on the message, the image shifts and becomes larger, erasing all previous georeferencing information.  This happens with most of our images, but not  all.  The only difference I can find between the ones that do and the ones that don't is the cell size in the layer properties.  The images that can't be referenced have a much larger cell size, though I'm not sure if this information is pertinent or not.  The images are all saved as .tif files- I've tried saving some as jpegs but still get the same error.

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