error counting in spatial join

10-14-2022 05:05 AM
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Hello everyone,
I'm studying GIS with ArcMap 10.8.2
I have an assignment to complete: I have two files...

- California counties (58 counties )

- Number of total votes and YES votes for a political proposition (>21'000 rows in the attribute table)

I've tried to perform a spatial join between these two features, I got the joined table with 58 rows and each county has been linked to both tot votes and yes votes.
Merge rule set to "SUM" for both "total votes" and "yes votes", Match option as "Intersect"(this information has been provided by the course).
The problem comes when checking if the output numbers are correct, there is a huge discrepancy comparing the input votes and what comes after the join.

I hope I have been clear enough, hopefully someone can provide some hints to continue this assignment.
Thank you very much,


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anyone has any hints? I'm kinda stuck with this assignment and cannot continue the course without completing it

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WIthout knowing what tool/how you ran it, , will be hard to help any.

Might want to define what a "huge discrepancy" is as well.  Maybe some examples of what you are "expecting" vs what you are "seeing"?  Is "merge rule" your teminology for "How do you want the attributes to be summarized" or are you finding that in a tool somewhere?  I'm not seeing this, thus the confusion of what/how tool you used.


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