ERROR - Cannot delete erroneous raster in file geodatabase .gdb

04-28-2022 07:52 AM
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Using ArcMap 10.8.2. I have a file geodatabase .gdb where a raster file failed to copy into the .gdb (currently for an unknown reason) and this has resulted in an unreadable raster feature class that cannot be deleted.

When I go to delete I get the error "Failed to delete selected object(s) The application is not licensed to perform this operation". (See attached screenshot)

I have opened the .gdb in ArcGIS Pro (2.8.3) and intially it looked like I had succeeded to delte this wioth no error showing, until i refreshed the .gdb and the troublesome file appears to have remained !

Has anyone encountered this, and if so is it possible to share a solution ?

Many thanks !!

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Had similar issue once.

Solutions was:

create new FGDB

select everything in the original FGDB "except" the bad raster and copy

paste to new FGDB

Delete old FGDB

rename new to old FGDB name.


Might be better ways, but this is fast, and back to work in no time.



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