Can I purchase a previous version of ArcGIS Desktop (10.7)

04-03-2022 10:35 PM
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I have been planning to purchase the license but the current version available is 10.8. I've been wanting to use the previous versions (such as 10.7- below) as it is compatible with the software extension ArcSWAT as needed in my thesis project. 

Is it possible to do such? Need some validations first before I purchase a license.


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Maybe just call the sales line?

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I agree with calling the sales line to be sure, but on this page you can adjust the version and select product download which brings you to My Esri where you download your software. Doing this right now won't show anything since you currently do not have a license for Arcmap. It does show that it is still currently supported by technical support, which leads me to believe that you can still download and utilize Arcmap 10.7




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