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02-08-2022 02:13 PM
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Is it possible to create dynamic text from attributes from a layer in a map that is not used as an index layer for data driven pages? For example, I have a python script that creates maps based on quarter sections. Some of these maps have note features (a point feature class) that contains some information that I would like to display on the side of the map in some white space. I am thinking dynamic text would work but I am not sure if you are limited to just the index layer or not.


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Not sure what you would be trying to use for the text as there are potentially multiple fields in the point fc with multiple points.  which field/point "notes" do you want to show?

Since you are using python for this, you have access to the text of any elements in your map.  One options is that you should be able to extract whatever "text" you are after from the data, then update the TEXT_Element.text to whatever string you want.


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