Discrepancy after convert Labels to Annotation with labels generated with Maplex label engine

11-15-2021 04:15 AM
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I have a feature class labelled with Maplex label engine and feature weight applied to other line and polygon feature to avoid overlapping. I am satisfied with the result. 

However, when I convert those label into a feature class, the position of exported annotation result differ from the result displayed as label, it appears some feature weight is ignored.

I tried to lock labels from Maplex label engine, the exported Anno still re-positioned.

Is it a bug or some setting required during conversion??

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It sounds like this is a bug unfortunately. The conversion of Labels to Annotation should be visually identical. The lock labels function is used when you do not want the labels to change when panning or zooming in the map view, it has no bearing on this conversion.

I would like to get more information so we can solve this issue, what version of ArcMap are you using? Could you share any other properties you changed on the label class before converting to annotation.


Samuel Troth


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For this case is ArcMap 10.6.1, what I have set is to apply weight in Maplex label engine to feature class which I do not want the label to overlap.

For testing, I've tried a local ArcMap 10.8, and the result is similar. As you can see in the attached image, some of the label in black differ from annotation generated in red.

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I've experienced this before, very minor shifts in position but I am familiar with this. Same as @Brianlyw , had it happen on 10.6.1 then again on 10.7. I was also using Maplex and what wasn't shifted based on weight against a line shapefile network, labelling on or above line with curve enabled, was stored in the overflow annotation box that popped up hence. I didn't think much of it because the feature count went above 7000 features and I remember reading there was a character limitation on higher numbers in Arcmap/Maplex actions. What was moved I simply copy/pasted the changes and manually added in what needed to be shown via the overflow warning list. Hope this helps towards solving your problem @Brianlyw , thanks for checking into this @SamuelTroth2 

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