Definition of Multiple Coordinate Systems

01-08-2019 01:15 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I am posting this question regarding a term called "multiple coordinte system". I firstly see this term in ESRI ArcGIS Web Developer Certification guidnance, and it is shown as "Evaluate the impact of using multiple coordinate system". However, I feel confused here about this term "multiple coordinte system". Does it mean "Multiple" + "Coordinate systems", which from my understanding, e.g. geographic coordinate systems/projected coordinate systems. Or there is a concept callled "Multiple coordinate system" where a feature/asset can have multiple coordinate systems (multi coordinate system models) in the same time so they can change the coordinate on demand (for BIM etc?) I am looking forward for your answer. 

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It is referring to having different layers in the map with individually different coordinate systems. You can not define multiple coordinate systems for an individual file.