custom transformations and project tool

04-14-2020 12:49 AM
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im having trouble with custom transformations and the project tool in 10.7.

i have created custom trans in 10.3 and they project data successfully.

the customs created in 10.3 give a error of 000365 in 10.7

i have recreated the customs in 10.7 with the exact same coordinate frame values but i do not get any movement in the co-ords after i use the project tool.

the custom transform and project tool seems to run correctly i do not receive any error, just nothing happens with the data.

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some strange ones which I don't think apply and some are resolved

BUG-000113674: The Project tool fails with the error, "ERROR 000365..  but for Pro

BUG-000110610: The Project tool in ArcToolbox returns the error mes..  NTv2

Now as for the geometry 'moving', things don't move if there are other data in the dataframe and things get projected on the fly.  Can you calculate some geometry property (eg centroid) before and after to see if there is any change

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