Creating New File Geodatabase Crashes ArcGIS Desktop

11-26-2018 01:20 PM
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When using ArcMap, ArcCatalog, or ArcGIS Pro to create a new file geodatabase, the program will crash. Additional issues include:

  • New feature classes cannot be created in existing file geodatabases (returns a general error)
  • New fields cannot be added to existing feature classes (field is added and then disappears)
  • New domains cannot be added to existing geodatabase (domain disappears after creation)
  • New shapefiles CAN be created, but edits to them cannot be saved (new features can be drawn but disappear when Save Edits is clicked)
  • Existing feature classes cannot be deleted and become corrupted after attempted deletion

These issues only occur when attempting to work on our network. When saving to a computer's local C-drive, all functions work perfectly.

We are running Windows 10, ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1, and ArcGIS Pro 2.2. We have checked network permissions, reset/repaired ArcGIS Desktop, uninstalled/reinstalled ArcGIS Desktop, and wiped and reinstalled the computer's operating system.

Has anybody else experienced anything similar to this?

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Are other users / client machines affected? Can you expand upon the network drive / OS of that server? Are other network drives affected?

Am seeing a similar issue currently that's related to the client OS (Windows 7) not being able to write certain file types to a network (Windows 2003). The issues manifest in the software but it is an underlying Windows problem. Would be interested to see if anyone else can suggest other causes.

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There were multiple machines affected, but after some further digging, we've discovered those experiencing these issues were recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Updating each computer's OS was combining with one of our antivirus softwares to interrupt ArcGIS.

Once that antivirus was removed and another set up in its place, all of our issues were resolved.

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What antivirus software was giving you these issues?

My org had different issues packaging mxds to be published up to AGOL that was resolved by putting in exceptions for blocked locations.  In my case, locations on the c-drive that were used in this ArcMap operation were exempted from being blocked and then the publishing operation to AGOL from ArcMap worked as expected.  Before implementing the new antivirus software, this publication has been working successfully for at least 1 year.  Cisco AMP was the issue for my org.

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The antivirus software causing issues was Sophos. The one that allows us to work properly is Webroot.

Before removing Sophos, we added all the folders in the following technical support article as exceptions but continued experiencing issues:

FAQ: How do I troubleshoot ArcGIS Desktop performance issues related to antivirus software (exceptio... 

Sophos has been contacted to work on a solution.

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