Connecting Points with like Attributes into a Line

01-13-2021 10:12 AM
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Hi! I have a dataset of points that I would like to connect into a network of lines. The points are all given a "circuit" attribute, and so I am looking to connect the points with the same circuit value into a line. I had thought that "Points To Line" tool might do this for me - but I found that the lines end up closed even when I check the "Close Line" box. The result is a very overwhelming spiderweb of lines within the point dataset.

Is there another way that I can generate these lines without digitizing them by hand? I am fine with fixing a couple of small errors along the way - I can proofread the dataset.



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That is the right tool.  Unles you are trying to form polygons skip the close line option.

The points will not be ordered the way you want them if they weren't collected in that order.  A screen grab might help discern what you have versus what you want

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Thanks so much for getting back to me! I think you're right about the order of the points - it's problematic because some of the point IDs have letters in them, so I'm not sure if this is really possible or not. Here's the result I got: 


It's very chaotic as you can see - I am just looking for singular lines to be drawn along the same circuits. But the points aren't always linear and, like I said, some of them contain letters. So I'm not sure this is possible, but it was worth a shot!


Thanks again.

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