Combine feature classes while maintaining original CreationDate, Creator, etc.

08-23-2022 08:38 AM
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Hi :

I have a Survey 123 app currently hosted in AGOL. I don't know how it happened, but 2 identical hosted feature classes (in terms of attributes) have somehow been created. Entries begin in one and appear to have swapped to use the second at some point. I would like to recombine the features under the same feature class and reassociate (if necessary) to the single 123 survey form.

As it happens, I have also been meaning to move this feature class to our SQL Server database and the 123 form to our Portal/Enterprise instance. I have tried exporting the data from both classes as FGDBs, opening them in ArcMap and copy-pasting the features from one to the other. However, in doing so the ArcGIS managed fields (at least CreationDate, Creator, EditDate, Editor) are all updated to reflect the current date and my user name. I need to maintain the original data.

Is there any way to do this in ArcMap or am I going about this the wrong way? Should I instead be creating the new feature class and then importing the data straight into SQL Server? In doing so, will I be not populating other application managed tables that are needed? I would keep Versionning and Archiving disabled during this process.



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Once they're in FGDB, you can use ArcPy, to disable EditorTracking for each FeatureClass.  Then you can recombine features and update fields (as needed).  Once completed, you can then enable EditorTracking for the FeatureClass.

I currently do this as well, to take all changes from a user, and then update the master GIS dataset.

I hope that helps.


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