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ArcMap Python functions and Cyrillic symbols problem

02-14-2019 08:32 AM
New Contributor


I have a question regarding using Cyrillic alphabet in ArcMap. I have an attribute and I want to use if statements via python to fill a new field for each object depending on some of the other fields strings. Main problem is python's if function won't compare strings that have Cyrillic symbols. Anyway, I tried the same function but with numeric strings and it works just fine. I also tried returning strings with Cyrillic symbols and it works fine too but it still refuses to execute the if function properly if the compared strings are in Cyrillic. I'm new kinda new to ArcMap and I am not quite sure if it has anything to do with unicode since it works fine returning and writing Cyrillic strings. 
I am also going to apply 2 screenshots to make my point clearer.

Thanks in advance,


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