ArcMap freezes when running toolbox tools and no dialog box/results display

08-25-2021 05:50 AM
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Hello. I am running into an issue with ArcMap where I am unable to access my map document after running custom tools from the toolbox. There is no dialog box that appears when I first run the tool, making it difficult to see the progress of the tool.

However, some tools result in output layers and symbology that automatically show up in the contents, which is how I know it's completed. The problem is, once the tool runs, ArcMap completely freezes and is not responsive, and whenever I try to click something on the document, it just makes a "ding" sound similar to when the file selection window is open when first starting up ArcMap.

Also, other tools that require much more time make it difficult to know whether or not it's running or even making progress. What could be causing this issue?

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If these "custom tools" are tools you developed, then there may be something wrong with the toolbox or how the scripts are associated with it.

If these tools are esri tools, then you may need to "repair" your installation.  Use Windows, Add/remove Programs, elect Remove, then Repair when offered.

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Did you ever figure this out?   All the sudden I am having this issue as well.   I tried using this solution but it did not help.


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Hello! I did figure this out but seems to be a different issue from yours given the solution you shared. Mine was an issue with the dialog box not showing up at all, due to multiple screens and ultimately it was "hidden". The fix was pressing Alt + Space, down once, then Enter - which allowed me to move the window and make it visible again.

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