Arcmap Application in The Microsoft Store

03-20-2021 07:52 AM
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Hello Everyone,

My PC is running Windows 10 in S mode which run only apps frome the Microsoft Store. I tried to find out if Arcgis and Arcmap are available. Only a basic Arcgis app is there, but not the desktop version. I am wondering if ESRI can develop the full Arcgis Solutions including Arcmap and launch them in the Microsoft Store.

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With ArcMap already in its last available version, no further development is expected.

With ArcGIS Pro also, I don't see any such update in its RoadMap. 

Supported Operating Systems 

The only way I can see ArcGIS Desktop work, is to switch out of S Mode. Check with your IT team, if that is possible, since you won't be able to turn it back on.

Alternatively, You may choose to use a different machine (Standard Windows 10), if available.

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