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10-26-2022 04:59 PM
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I've been trying to create a map package of an .mxd and keep getting an error when I try to open it:

Invalid Package

Error reading package contents.

Does anybody know why this is occurring? I have tried the unpack command from Arc Catalog and the Extract Package tool and no luck. This is super frustrating as the packaging takes hours due to the large map size only to get an error with no explanation behind it. Looks like yet another fail from Esri. Someone please help!



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I’ve had the same experience and frustrations as you (many times) but I’m trying to create a Mobile Map Packages (.mmpk) in ArcGIS Pro. I opened a ticket with Esri support they couldn’t figure why some of my mobile map packages would fail after hours of running. My project met all the requirements for supported file types, coordinates, etc. The common theme of my failed packages was at least one high resolution raster layer existed in the project. Never did get a resolution to the issue with packages. And I suspect that useless error we see when a package fails was created as Hot Fix because packages were failing left and right when the packaging features were initially released and no one even knew their package failed behind the scenes.. It just ran and ran forever from a user’s perspective, lol.  
Good luck


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Don't worry too much, check each step you do, see if there is an error at any position? wordle hint. I hope you do well.

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