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ArcMap 10.8 and 10.7 crash at loading screen, loading document

03-18-2024 08:13 AM
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Hi all,


Since a couple of weeks ArcMap is not starting anymore.

I don't know exactly when this problem has stated beacuse I'm not a daily user, but I didn't change anything since the last time I worked with it.

I read around some issue coming out with Nvidia drivers, so i tried to figure it out if it is a similar problem but even changing GPU driver (gpu is gtx 4070 ti) nothing has changed. I also tried to disable GPU, but still not working.

I tried several times to unistall, change python 2.7 registry name and reinstallation and other attemps.

Is anyone having the same issues even after such a long time first people encountered this bug in Jan 2024?

Thank you!


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