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add 10 nearest random points around a target point to its attribute table

04-11-2021 04:31 AM
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for a statistical analysis I want to associate the 10 closest random points around my target points (cities) to the target points attribute table. I want to do this for multiple cities to afterwards get a mean distance of the city and its associated points to a target feature.



this is what I'd like the attribute table to look like. (excel just for visualisation). Has anyone made any experiences with this?

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The closest you can get is Generate Near Table (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

but usually for such an arrangement one uses scipy's cdist

scipy.spatial.distance.cdist — SciPy v1.6.2 Reference Guide

or one of my old posts using numpy's einsum

Generate Near Table for points - Esri Community


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Are you generating these random points yourself as part of this workflow, or do the random points already exist as a data set? 

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