Access to secured WMS not working

06-22-2018 01:56 AM
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Hi everyone


From ArcMap I published a WMS to ArcGIS Server (version 10.5.1). Using ArcGIS Server Manager I secured my WMS by restricting the service to a role. I also created a user having this role. Using the REST API I’m able to log in with the username and password of this user. This – in my opinion – indicates that the authentication itself works.

Accessing my secured WMS by using FME, QGIS, ArcMap or using a browser, however, was not possible. However, I was able to access other secured WMS, thus the problem has to be my WMS. I can also access my WMS as long as it is not secured, thus this is not the problem either.


Some more information

  • I tried https (port 6443) and http (port 6080).
  • In QGIS I get these errors/warnings for both the secured and unsecured WMS: 1. The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate; 2. The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted
    • The unsecured WMS can be accessed nevertheless. For the secured WMS I get another error from the WMS-Provider stating “failed to download capabilities”, although I entered the credentials


Any ideas what could be wrong?

Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers

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The issue here is likely that you've configured your service to require ArcGIS Token-based authentication, but tokens aren't really part of the OGC spec. Most of the clients you mention are likely expecting the server to support basic or NTLM authentication. 

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