Uploading attachments to Workforce via survey123

11-25-2019 11:59 AM
New Contributor


I created a work force project and then hi-jacked the assignments feature service to add a whole bunch of custom attributes for a survey123 form.

In the survey123 form I would like the user to be able to upload photos of the work site prior to commencing work and then after completing work.

Originally, I have this survey working with a related photos table to capture then, however since creating the work force project and high-jacking the feature service, there is no option to create the related table.

When uploading photos or attachments directly from either the dispatcher or mobile worker app, these attachments must be stored somewhere against the feature service.

Is there a way to have the survey123 app link to this table to upload photos directly from the survey form instead of having to go back to the workforce app and upload from there?



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