Slow Sync and Load Times

06-03-2021 10:15 AM
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Over the last few days I've noticed that syncing on the Workforce app has gotten brutally slow, and now as I sign in as a new user for a project to make sure it's all working smoothly before passing off to a contractor I'm finding that downloading the project is taking a very long time.

Has anyone else noticed these issues lately? Or is there something I've set up wrong that's only now coming back to bite me?

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I would check the "Manage Offline Map Area" under the overview section in the Workforce Project. If your offline map has changed, or has a ton of features in it, it will be a slow download process. Your own Workforce layer may be the culprit, as it may be the biggest part of your map package. (pic below). This may only get worse with time, as your features increase in number.

To mitigate this, you might need to truncate/filter your data if possible.



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