Does workforce support adding workers from a collaborating organization?

08-07-2018 08:43 AM
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I'm looking to add workers to a workforce project hosted by an ArcGIS Enterprise organization. The workers would be added from an ArcGIS Online organization that is participating in a collaboration with the Enterprise organization. Is this possible? Or will it be possible in the future?



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Hi Mick,

When adding users to a project, you'll see an option just below the user selection field to only search for users in your organization. Unchecking that will let you find users from outside your organization.

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Can I pile onto this and ask the following about Workforce for ArcGIS‌ and #agol to portal collaboration‌:

  • We have an internal instance of Portal, and and AGO. They will be joined using Portal-to-portal Collaboration soon.
  • My workforce dispatcher is in Portal. My #workforce_mobile_worker are in the AGO.
  • I plan to make a Workforce Project in AGO and, according to the above, I should be able to invite my Portal dispatchers into it - can someone confirm?
  • Also, using Portal-to-portal Collaboration, can I sync #workforce assignments between Portal and AGO? (Assignments get created in Portal > sync'd to AGO > mobile workers 'to do' list updates and they complete assignment > status gets sync'd back into Portal so dispatcher knows it's completed)


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