Bulk Inserting of Assignments

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07-21-2016 06:45 PM
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Do you think there will be the ability to import Assignments from a CSV or similar in a future version?

Or does it exist already?  I couldn't see it anywhere.

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In the end I used FME to push data to the Assignments feature service on AGOL.

No code was used.  

Craig did mention above that you can use ArcGIS Pro to push to the feature service.

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When i try to append with ArcgisPro only append one assignment and next i got the 00594 error, i try several way to fix it but i cant, somebody have any solution? whe i run the Appen GP only add the first assigment and next i got this warning append

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Another code-free workflow for batch creating assignments based on an existing feature service, would build on the "Identify features" tool (screencap below). However, since right now this feature supports only rectangular selection, the workaround would be to first filter the dispatcher's map (say, to show all assets in a specific zone), and then select them all and batch create the assignments.

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