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06-18-2019 02:08 PM
by Anonymous User
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Is there a way to add a hyperlink into the description field? Similar to how you can add hyperlinks to a pop-up?

We are updating the description field through Python so looks like this, but we want the hyperlink text "EDIT" to come up:

for a in assignment_features:

Global = a.attributes['GlobalID']
URL = '"{0}"'.format(Global)
link = '<a href={0}>EDIT</a>'.format(URL)
desc = "{0}\n\n Call the customer".format(link)
a.attributes['description'] = desc
assignments_FL.edit_features(updates = all_features)

This is how it looks in the description:

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Karen,

Take a look at our schema topic:


Specifically, the topic for Description :

Text for the mobile worker. White space is handled with the pre-line value.


We have plans to honor more capabilities in a future release of Workforce mobile.

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New Contributor

Are there updates on this ? I currently pass a html hyperlink  to a survey that's generated in arcade into the description field  but would like to change it to an nicely formatted description



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