Workforce - enhance selection widget

04-12-2019 06:47 AM
Status: Open
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In the workforce dispatcher's app, for a workflow that depends on selecting existing features (assets) for creating assignments, the supported rectangular selection is somewhat of a challenge. Adding polygon/freehand selection would be great.

There also seems to be a limit in the number of assets that can be selected at once (~50-100?). Removing that barrier would be great too.

Edit: Would also like to have a "point select" option. Right now, when adding assignments by pointing to my assets, the asset is not selected, rather the assignment is created at that point (the reason that's an important difference is that the "location" is passed on by picking up the address, instead of picking up my assetID (as configured in the pop up).

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Adding polygon/freehand selection would make my life MUCH easier! Please add this function!