Workforce: Ability to filter by assignment type

01-25-2020 09:13 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Please add the ability to filter by assignment type, to be able to do things like "show only assignment types X,Y,Z", or "show all assignment types except X". Optimally this would be a checklist to manually pick and choose assignment types to show; another approach would be to support a simple search syntax in the search box.


This would also be especially helpful for us, as it would make it easier for managers (dispatchers) who are in charge of only a two or three assignment types to see all of their work for their crew at once, without seeing everyone else's work also or just seeing work for one assignment type.


Hi.  We are also grappling with this issue of having a better way to filter a large number (100+) of workforce assignment types spread over four or more departments.  We would like to bring the types under on Workforce "umbrella" project, then spin off filtered assignments from there.  Perhaps add another filter choice as per the screen shot?  There is room (wink wink)!