Route and Schedule Planning

09-14-2017 05:34 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Hello ESRI,

I would like to see workforce to gain the ability to pre-route your assignments based of a fixed location (home office, an address, or Lat longs). It would be great to step out of my office and pre-route my assignments that are supposed to be due today, this week, or this month (filter by driving distance, date and/or priority). You can manually change the route according to how your day goes such as your pre-routed day all the sudden gets a critical or high priority assignment from the dispatcher. You can acknowledge the assignment but have the ability fit that in your schedule as either the next assignment in your route, middle/end of your day, or edit the due date (if allowed). Also, if you are not able to complete your assignments workforce could prompt you that you did not complete yesterdays assignments and if the user would like to put in their route today and pre route from the missed assignments. I think pre-routing on workforce will be a huge assets to our field staff as that will ensure accountability, save time and save money.

The scheduling portion of workforce can be improved by adding in re-occurring assignments. That can save time on dispatcher having to assign work every week, month, or even the year. As a an example, a field worker can have multiple inspections on different assets at different times on the year. The field worker knows that these are routine inspections and must be performed bi-annually or even  every other month. Also perhaps having an assignment termination date. An example would be like: I only need to inspect this assets once a month for 6 months or twice a week. You could also adjust this assignment from 2 times a week to 2 times a month to 3 times a year.

This may be wild idea but its worth a shot. It would be nice to able to have a calendar tool of your  pre-routed assignments. A calendar where could set your work hours for the day, set your days off (e.g. vacation, sick, out for whatever reason). Your route and assignments could potentially be reassigned via the dispatcher, or the assignments can be shifted based on the days your are working again, so your assignments would be pushed back in a chain.

Let me know what you think, I know this may be a lot to ask of your team to develop.

Also if anyone wants to improve on my idea and make an another suggestion that would be great.


I couldn't agree more. My field crews find it extremely cumbersome to leave the application to navigate to their assignment then leave the application again to do their survey. If I could improve anything about this app, navigator would cease to exist and be rolled into workforce or vice versa.


This application has so much potential! I hope they could make Pre-routing and Scheduling happen.


The ability to select multiple assignments and send them all the navigator would be terrific. For the dispatcher or worker to be able to send additional assignments to this pre-planned route would be even better. Please can we have this is the next release.