Custom fields for ArcGIS Workforce

11-23-2016 12:29 PM
Status: Open
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It would be great if administrators setting up a Workforce project could define custom fields for the assignment layer.

Some businesses, such as ours, track jobs/assignments that have extra complexity and require extra information to be tracked which extend beyond the basic schema of the current assignment layer.

Certainly, there are many businesses that have fully fledged external job management software packages and the expected workflow is to tie the two together using Workforce's 'external work order' number, and then use scripts or manually administration to push and pull data between the two. But there will be a large number of businesses like ours that could and would like to manage their work assignments fully in Workforce and could only do this if there is the flexibility to add extra fields.


To add to this, I would like to see the ability to pass the custom field values to Survey123 via the URL Scheme, this would pre-populate some valuable identification fields for the submitted survey.


Thanks Jamie - an interesting extension of the concept.

I note there is a down vote - it would be good if the person who down voted it could provide some feedback as to why so as to help understand.



Now that Survey123 version 2.0 has Survey Edit which allows you to edit on existing form.  It would be great if Workforce and Survey123 could "talk" to each other via ID field to pull up the exact (record) form for users to edit. 


I'm not the original down-voter but I did just down-vote this idea since I think the realities of implementing something like this would fundamentally change the nature of Workforce for the worse. The workflow described where the customer has additional items that need to be tracked which in turn requires a more complex data schema is best served by Collector where you can set up and customize the schema any way you want. Even better, the customer could pretty easily implement an App Integration between Collector and Workforce to facilitate opening Collector from Workforce to track those additional metrics. They could even track everything within the same dataset/feature layer if they liked by creating the Workforce project manually and extending the Workforce schema with additional fields as needed. However, asking Workforce to support completely custom fields throws is a pretty big ask in terms of extending the UI of the dashboard and mobile apps to handle this and would likely only serve to confuse the product's purpose and mission.

Customizing some of the existing workforce domain values I could understand - for example extending the priority domain or changing the coded value descriptions to something more meaningful to your organization. Custom schemas though - Collector is your friend.

Sorry. Just my 2 cents.

by Anonymous User

Hello Milan, Thank you for calling into Esri Support today. Customizing fields in Workforce is currently not possible: I've also exported assignments from a test Workforce project and created new choices. When the assignment types export, it is expected behavior that there will be numbers. You can always write down the order of your assignment types (text) to reference in the excel file with the assignment type numbers. I will keep this case open until the end of the day if you have any additional questions.Please feel free to contact me via email or phone call.

Sorry, Shelly, but your answer is ridicules.


You have get in touch with your programmers and add the field.  The space for the field is already there. The field CODE also have to be reprogrammable, same as the field assignments.


Also, you are requesting from me that I write down the information and you are offering electronic real time GIS system. That is really ridicules. Tell me who need ID numbers of the assignments. Everybody need assignment names, special after deleting the assignments names, new ID is generated, and the real chaos in assignments ID begin. Instead having 1,2,3,4, it going to be 3,10,17,…


Would you provide me information of somebody (developer manager) how can fix this problem?  I would like to talk with him.








we have a need at my company to do surveys within a specified window when certain conditions exist (i.e. survey a site within 1 week of peak biomass).  This it needs to be recorded when and what the peak biomass.  The person with the best information and models to determine that is the dispatcher whom would then be able to schedule an assignment and put in 2 custom fields (Peak Biomass, Peak Date).  I have created a survey123 to handle the actual survey but would love to have these two custom fields to be passed from the assignment to the survey to facilitate data plug in.  otherwise once the filed worker does the survey the dispatcher would have to go back into the data to fill in these fields either before or after the field worker does the survey (too many unnecessary touches of the data).  the ideal situation would be the dispatcher creates and assignment for a site and fills in these two fields of the expected date and weight of peak biomass into the assignment tab and this information flows to the survey123 together with the site location and survey planned date. 


Has any progress been made with this?



No, we haven't made progress on this.  However, supporting the ability to add your own fields to the Assignments feature service is on our roadmap to support when Workforce is included in Field Maps. That work is currently scheduled for 2023.