Configure additional fields to pass to Survey123 from Workforce

06-12-2017 06:18 AM
Status: Implemented
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i would like to see the functionality of configuring additional fields (eg. workorderid) to pass to Survey123 (eg. custom url) when setting up assignment types to surveys. This would allow a relationship between assignment & survey to be established. I want to use workforce to manage external contractor works with survey123 for asset inspections but is difficult without a relationship to do further analysis (eg. was the survey done/which asset was missed, etc.)



It would be nice if the Survey123 custom URL scheme was honored in the "Workers" web map so that attributes from a feature layer (generated from a GeoForm), could be passed into the Survey that is integrated with Workforce. It would provide a significant time savings.


It would be nice if there was a list of questions/fields that a worker would answer in the beginning of the day/assignment that gets passed onto Survey123 fields. For example, capturing what equipment the worker is using. Instead of entering it into each survey that day, it would mostly be the same equipment that day, autofilled but changeable if the worker needs to change equipment. A configurable list of fields would be much better than ESRI trying to figure out which fields (I understand GLobalID, ID, Location is set up) should be linked.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who like to have a list of questions/fields that a worker and/or dispatcher would fill out at the beginning of an assignment and then get automatically transferred to Survery123.  We currently have a small pilot project going on for a particular department and this limitation is a hold up; without this functionality I am not sure we can proceed going the 'paperless' route.


We are in the same position; lack of field transference has put our project on hold and possibly looking elsewhere. 


We would love this functionality. We have before using the Classic Workforce accessed the JSON to add in additional URLParmeters to pass from the assignments layer to SURVEY 123. The new version of Workforce has removed this abilaity. Without this functionality we cannot continue to use Workforce for our needs. 



The new version of Workforce has removed this abilaity. Without this functionality we cannot continue to use Workforce for our needs. 

This is still supported and possible in the new version of Workforce and is available by editing the Assignment Integrations table in the workforce feature service.

The ability to add additional fields to the assignments layer is something we are planning to do - and are planning to include it after Workforce moves into the new Field Maps app.


Status changed to: Implemented


With the Workforce release that is happening tonight we will be adding the ability to pass any field to any of the apps such as Survey123, Collector or Field Maps.

Please let me know if you see any issues with this.


Craig Gillgrass