Add Legend and Layer List widgets to Workforce

05-04-2017 06:59 AM
Status: Open
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It is great to be able to add extra layers to the Dispatcher and Worker maps.  This allows the addition of important reference data to the maps.  However, neither the Dispatcher on the web interface nor the Field Worker in the mobile app interface, can see a legend of what these layers represent.  Also, they cannot turn layers on and off.  We have tiled base maps that they would need to switch between to get different information for their work tasks.  Therefore, it would be good to add the Legend and the Layer List widgets to the Dispatcher (web) and Field Worker (app) interfaces.


I was hoping to add our building layouts to the worker maps, but we can't flip between the different floors 


Good idea. 

It's difficult to do some simple analysis to help with assignments, i.e. show me the assets not inspected in the last 5 years, in poor condition, etc.  

Better yet, add a Workforce widget to WAB.  Thanks.


These changes would be a extremely helpful for our organisation. Thanks.


When I am configuring my dispatcher map in Workforce, in the 'Change Style' icon a legend is visible (see below). Is there a way to get this legend to appear when the map is opened in the Workforce project? Thanks.


This would be HUGE for us. We use Workforce for municipal infrastructure maintenance management, and having a list widget would allow us to control which assets we want to create assignments off.