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Workflow Manager run custom ArcGIS Pro command does not work

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02-06-2024 05:06 PM
New Contributor III

Using Workflow Manager on ArcGIS Pro 3.2 Enterprise 11.2

I have created a very simple workflow with following steps : Start, Open Pro Project Items, Stop

Within the Open Pro Project items I open a map then close it on finish. In the advanced section enable Run ArcGIS Pro command with the ID of a button command from a custom add-in.

The ribbon has the custom add-in and the command works from there.

When I run the Job in ArcGIS Pro it works fine opening and then closing the map.

However the command is not run. Just nothing happens.

In the ArcGIUS Server Manager logs I get messages about "received unexpected message() " with source being Workflow manager.

I have tested this only with button commands with an On Click trigger

The add-in was built with Pro 3.2, also tested with add-in built with Pro 3.0


Are there limits on the type of custom commands that can be run?

Any other ideas?

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