Workflow Manager "Step cannot be skipped"

06-17-2015 12:26 PM
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In Workflow Manager 10.2.2, we have a workflow where every step is checked as "Step cannot be skipped" in the step properties.

We are seeing some unexpected behaviour.  When the workflow is executed, the user can pick any step in the workflow (for example, the third or forth) and right-click to select "Set as Current Step".  Once the step is set to the current step, the step can be run successfully.  All of the previous steps have been skipped but no warning or error message appears. 

Has anyone else experienced this?  Thanks!

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Hi K Oliver,

That behavior is by design. The "Step cannot be skipped" property disables the button for Marking the Step as Done during step execution, forcing it to be run. It however on its own doesn't block skipping over a step entirely by the method you describe.

"Set as Current Step" is controlled by the privilege "CanSetStep" if you remove it from the group of the users you're interested in then they will not be able to set any steps as current in a workflow.



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